Canal d’Or 2019: Anglophones Harvest Prizes, Snub Socio-Political Crisis.

Canal 2 Cultural Prize Award Ceremony called Canal D’or has once again presented the musical and artistic prowess of people from the North West and South West regions of Cameroon despite the devastating effects of a three years armed conflict that has displaced families.

Njie Daphne, a rising urban Music artist bagged two prizes. That is, best female Musician and a prize for the highest number of views on her music on the YouTube.
According to members of the jury of the prize award ceremony, Daphne’s music title “Cale” has been watched by over 59 Million people around the world since production two years ago.

On receiving the award, Daphne dedicated it to the suffering people of the North West and South West regions of Cameroon. The young female musician from Buea, South West Region, expressed the need to see peace return in the conflict hit regions.

Beside that, other Anglophones won prizes in different categories.
Mr. Leo won Best Male Musician, a TV series titled “Bad Angel” won the prize of best TV series , Cindy Emade won the prize of best female actrss while Dr. Nkeng Stephens won the prize of best Music director.
These winners on delivering short separate acceptance speeches, failed to mention the plight of people in their Anglophone regions of origin contrary to general expectations.

It should be noted that most of these artists in the north west and south west regions are internally displaced living in Cities like Douala and Yaounde due to the crisis.

ChantaBiya’s Fragile Appearance:

Cameroon’s first lady as in the previous editions precided over the award ceremony at the Yaounde congress hall.

Curious on lookers have been stating that the first lady has lost weight.
To one of the participants of the event; “i think our first lady has lost some weight. And besides, she is not as active and happy as she used to be during such ceremonies”.
Others equally attested having noticed similar changes at the 20th May Boulevard on the 8th of March, when the First Lady presided over March past activities to mark the 34th edition of women’s day in Cameroon.
Many are wondering, what might have been bothering the first lady to the point of losing weight with visible signs of worries when she has all financial and material wealth at her disposal at the unity palace.

Canal D’Or is an Award ceremony of Canal 2 International Television organised every after two years to recognised Musicians and those in the film making industry in Cameroon and the African continent as a whole.

To Madam Collete Chatue founding president of the organising committee, Canal D’Or in its 12 edition this year is one of the best organised.

Other winners include: Locko, Best Male Artist of the year
Special prizes went to: Ben Decca, Elvis KEMAYOU, Toto Guillaume, Salatiel, Josey.
Best Humourist: Moustik Karismatik
Best Web Series:Les Boas
Best Comedian:Inspecteur Saboulou
Charlotte Dipanda bagged home the Prize of Best World Music

The next edition will take place in March 2021.

Dominic Meme Nwakimo.

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