Cardinal Tumi insists military is responsible for most of the killings in the anglophone regions

Renowned prelate and critic of the Biya regime , Christian Cardinal Tumi has insisted that “…a majority of killings in the North West and South West regions have been carried out by the Cameroonian military”.

The Cardinal made the remark during a program dubbed ‘Press Hour’ on Cameroon Radio Television, CRTV.

To Cardinal Tumi “Ambazonia boys do not have sophisticated weapons to kill thousands in the regions.With their simple weapons,they can kill a military man and run away.When the military retaliates, they kill families and several people in the villages.This is the truth and I am ready to die for it”.

Without denying the fact that separatist fighters have their own share of blame on the atrocities committed in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon, the Cardinal thinks Cameroonian military should carry a greater part of the blame for killing other unarmed Cameroonians.
An assertion the government of Cameroon has described as unfounded and baseless.
During the major national dialogue in Yaounde,the military in collaboration with the national broadcasting house broadcasted gruesome videos showing how armed separatists literally slaughter and kill people. They failed to point out ills of the military though Joseph Joseph Assomo;minister delegate in charge of defense said recalcitrant military men are judged in military courts and those found guilty sentenced.

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