«Citizenship Front Movement» gives conditions for national dialogue

The platform «citizenship Front Movement» has called for the release of separatist leaders sentenced to life in prison by the Yaounde military court. In an open letter signed by seventeen groups, political parties, civil society activists, human right groups and individuals, it advanced conditions which if respected by the state, will guarantee their participation at the anticipated major national dialogue in Yaounde.

Besides granting presidential clemency to people incarcerated in connection with the Anglophone crisis, boko haram or post election protests in the country, the platform is equally calling on President Paul Biya to grant amnesty to Anglophone activists in the Diaspora to permit them participate in the national dialogue.

Njang Denis Tabe President of the Population Action Party says “…the dialogue process will be incomplete and will instead fan tension if separatists in the diaspora are not given the opportunity to come to the table and explain their grievances.”

Frank Essih, secretary general of the Cameroon People’s Party, CPP and member of the platform on his part insists that a third and neutral party is needed to preside over the talks. Credible personalities from other African countries notably former African leaders he adds should take part as observers and advisers. The politician says he thinks Prime Minister Dr. Joseph Dion Ngute being a staunch militant of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM gives him no credibility or trust to handle such a crucial event intended to shape the future of Cameroon and Cameroonians.

This also brings to question the amount of trust Cameroonians can give President Paul Biya regarding the implementation of resolutions that will taken during the 2019 national dialogue. Barrister Alice Nkom, another member of the platform says President Paul Biya for thirty six years has proven that he is unreliable and lacks the intention of working for the interest of the people. To the lawyer, the national dialogue is a window dressing gathering aimed at portraying to the international community that the situation in Cameroon has the attention of the government.

As members of the platform wait to see if government will fulfill their conditions ahead of the start of dialogue proper, they agree on one thing; which is that no meaningful dialogue in the interest of Cameroonians can take place when the goal of the president is to stay in power and not to help the people.

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