Communist Party of Swaziland urges Cameroon government to end atrocities against Anglophones

The Communist Party of Swaziland, CPS, has joined its voice to more than a thousand others calling for an end to conflict in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.
It has condemned the continuous atrocities that the government of Cameroon has carried out in the North West and the South West regions of Cameroon, compromising the right of Anglophones to self-determination.

The CPS notes that the regions have been characterised by burning down of villages, targetted kidnappings of suspected men and women, human rights activists, rapes and killing of women and children.

The crisis in the Anglophone regions escalated to an armed conflict in 2017 when the president unequivocally declared a war against the separatist fighters in the two Anglophone regions. The conflict has raged on now for the past three years, with many material and human casualties recorded.

More than two million people in the Anglophone regions have been either killed or gone on exile as refugees to Nigeria, or are internally displaced in the francophone regions of the country due to the armed conflict. The most affected sector in the conflict so far has been the domain of education, as schools have been grounded in the two regions by the separatist forces for four years now, but for some few major cities like Buea, Bamenda and Limbe.

The CPS regrets that Cameroon’s government has shown bad faith in wanting to seek long lasting solutions to the crisis in the two Anglophone regions. They noted that the government has refused to heed to calls for investigations on the various crimes committed by the military; to end the violence against civilians; uphold the freedom of expression; cease all arbitrary arrests and detention as well as releasing all individuals unlawfully arrested during protests.

In the midst of this, they have implored all the working class of the world to unite in calls for the halt of the violation of human rights in the Anglophone regions of Cameroon and for the UN security council to mandate an independent International fact finding mission on the conflict and for the African Union to actively resolve the conflict.

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