Coronavirus: Cameroon’s Inaction Raises Fears As Chinese Return From Holidays

Few weeks after the coronavirus outbreak, different countries have employed measures to ensure the virus does not spread into their borders.

From rerouting flights from China to strict health checks and warnings, all is being done to contain the deadly virus.

The Democratic Republic of Congo for instance, has become one of the latest so far to impose a travel ban, ensuring the virus is not brought in by travelling Chinese. Other African states including Nigeria, Uganda and Ethiopia have also been taking preventive measures at their own levels.

In Cameroon, which is the leading nation in the Central African Economic sub region one would expect to see similar measures but that has not been the case.

Days back, Public Health Minister, Manaouda Malachie returned to Yaounde from the North where he was engaged in campaigns ahead of the elections, to grant a press conference.

Among other issues on the session’s agenda, the minister prescribed the need for vigilance as key measure to avoid witnessing any possible cases.

Unlike many had expected however, Minster Manaouda failed to declare any other concrete measures put in place as a proactive effort, a lapse that has been criticised by many.

“What about our Cameroonian government, what have they to say? … Our leaders are busy caring about municipal and legislative elections without taking this into consideration” a social media user writes.

Much like their counterparts based in Wuhan in China where the coronavirus originated, Cameroonians back home say they feel neglected and left to chance. While basic sanitation aspects are still being neglected in hospitals, schools and other places, government they say has failed to restrict or control entry of foreigners especially those coming in from China to whom Cameroon is a major business partner in the continent.

With several Chinese returning from their holidays abroad, some say government inaction provides a safe pathway for the potential spread of the lethal virus.

Over the past days, politicians, law makers and government officials have been seen crisscrossing the national territory seeking votes ahead of Sunday’s polls, giving the impression of them wanting to hold on to power without first having the masses at heart.

If no action is taken, a possible case if the coronavirus on Cameroon soil will likely prove more lethal than the selfishness of politicians witnessed in the past years.

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