Coronavirus lockdown leaves Cameroonians stranded in Dubai.

Other videos on social show Cameroonians stranded in Kenya after borders were shut on March 17 as part of measures to contain the coronavirus spread.

Some members of the bitter crowd talking to the media stated that they had been there for about four days and had gotten no positive results from the authorities concerned upon their calls for assistance.

Another set of Cameroonians say they are also stranded at the Dubai international airport Terminal 2.

They had been attempting to board Rwandair to Douala via Kigali, “but the airline had reportedly halted all travel fo a month” one tells MMI.

“Most Cameroonians here are with Visas that have either been cancelled or expired.
The authorities have made no statement yet as the only utterance we get is Coronavirus” he adds.

Noting that most of them have vacated their company premises and the doors shut behind them, “now we can’t go back and we can’t travel home. It is a total mess. How can a country shut its doors to its citizens?” He asks.

While “many companies have terminated contracts and there is only a 28 days grace period before the visa expires,” he asks “if we can’t enter into our own country, where should we go to? America?”

Though the borders have remained closed since March 18, more cases of the virus have been confirmed. Government has however not commented on the matter of Cameroonians stranded out of the country.

Health Minister Manaouda Malachie has reminded Cameroonians to strictly comply with preventive measures, including the regular washing of hands.

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