Coronavirus: Passengers escape quarantine in Douala

A decision by the Cameroon government to systematically quarantine all persons coming from coronavirus infected countries has registered major setbacks.

At the Douala international airport Tuesday March 17th, some passengers “disappeared” through unscrupulous means to get to their family homes thereby escaping a measure to quarantine them and monitor coronavirus in the country.

To one of the passengers who escaped “I passed through the toilet of the airport, with the help of my family members and that of some workers there I escaped. I will not like to be confined in a particular place. I know that despite coming from France,am not infected”.

The woman speaking to a local radio in Douala posits that she feels safe and sound in her family home.

Some inhabitants of Douala think government’s decision was not well conceived and therefore the implementation process is bound to record weaknesses.

To Charles Mounge Meyemen, a marketing specialist, the government has failed in implementing a measure intended to safe Cameroonians.

He regrets that some passengers were stranded in Akwa Douala for hours before negotiations between some hotel owners and the government for them to lodge in the hotels.

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