COVID 19: Challenges of E-learning, television and radio teaching in Cameroon

The tentative date for school resumption in Cameroon is June 1st, 2020. According to Prime Minister Joseph Dion Ngute, this will depend on the improvement in the domain of handling COVID-19.

As uncertainty looms in the air as to when school doors will reopen, online teaching and learning process is being experimented in schools and higher institutions in Cameroon.

At the University of Buea, students upon registering for a course are directed to various departmental websites and links where they can get lectures and study while at home.

Many students have appreciated the move by the University community to brave challenges of learning in the middle of COVID-19. Despite this, some students complain of persistent network issues that usually perturb the free flow of online learning.

As Cameroonians grapple with e-learning, students and lecturers of Seven Advanced Academic say developing necessary apps that can fast track e-learning is necessary. The First-class training institute in Douala trains students to be masters of in-demand IT skills. Choose which course you desire here.

The general complain of students and pupils in Cameroon of poor internet connection to effectively follow online courses, IT specialists from Seven Academy teach their students how to overcome such challenges.

Besides learning online, the state radio and television and other audiovisual media houses in Cameroon have embraced teaching on TV and radio. Given that TV and radio signals are not available in some homes in the remote parts of Cameroon, critics have questioned how rational the move can be. They regret that if at the end of the process national end of year exams are organized then some pupils and students will find themselves wanting.

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