COVID 19: Kamto accuses government of releasing “fake figures

Prof. Maurice Kamto doubts and describes coronavirus figures given by the government of Cameroon as fake. The leader of Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party speaking in Yaounde Tuesday May 26th 2020 insists that the statistics do not reflect the high number of infected persons and deaths.

Maurice Kamto holds the government of Cameroon responsible for the wide spread nature of the virus in the entire country. This according to leaders of the party is as a result of “criminal irresponsibility” of the government.

The CRM also regrets that their proposals for Douala, Yaounde and Bafoussam to be locked down when the virus was detected in these cities was not taken into consideration, reason why the entire country is affected today.

On the issue of school resumption in Cameroon on the 1st of June 2020, Maurice Kamto says the decision was taken by the government without prior consultation with teachers’ trade unions in Cameroon, reason why some are against it.

Prisons and other detention centres in Cameroon remain crowded in the face of coronavirus pandemic. Maurice Kamto says after releasing a few prisoners on the 16th of April, President Paul Biya needs to release more to actually decongest the prisons and reduce the rate of the spread of COVID-19. He says political prisoners should be given the priority.

He has handed over another consignment of medical kits to “Survie Cameroon Survival Initiative” (SCSI) for distribution to Cameroonians.

While acknowledging the poor handling of COVID-19, he calls on Cameroonians to wear their masks always while in public places, regularly wash their hands and avoid gatherings.

Christian Penda Ekoka, President of SCSI while receiving the gifts condemned the action of some youths who protested in front of the residence of Prof Maurice Kamto Monday May 25th. SCSI leaders accuse the government of being a partner in crime by not sending security men to stop the incident.

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