CPDM, UDP Petition Constitutional Council On February 9 Election Results

United Democratic Party (UDP) and the Cameroon Peoples Democratic Movement (CPDM) are asking for the partial cancellation of legislative election result is some localities in the North West and Adamawa regions.

The UDP party is calling for the cancellation of election result from Ndawara polling station in the North west. To the party, the polling station was in the residence of a central committee member of the CPDM party.

UDP argues that Baba Danpolo, a staunch CPDM militant influenced voters to vote for the CPDM party to the detriment of UDP.

The UDP party of Al Hadji Bako in another petition is calling for the cancellation election in the town of Misaje in Donga Mantung division still in the North West.

The party says there were no UDP ballot papers in Misaje on the day of voting.The party further explains that the incident frustrated militants and other electorates who wanted to vote for the UDP party.

At the level of the CPDM, the party is asking the constitutional council to cancel legislative election result in Ngaoundere 1,2,3 and Nyambaka sub divisions in Nvina division in the Adamawa region.

To the political party headed by president Paul Biya, its main challenger in the polls; the UNDP party did not respect the campaign period stated in the electoral code. The CPDM party says UNDP campaign till 2:30 am on Sunday 9th February 2020 day of voting thereby not respecting February 8th deadline.

According to article 133 of the Cameroon electoral code, midnight Wednesday 12th February was the deadline for the deposition of petitions for legislative election at the constitutional council.

The code gives 72 hours after voting for petitions to be deposited for municipal election.

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