CPP condemns Sangmelima violence, calls for justice

The Cameroon Peoples Party, CPP has denounced a recent wave of violence in Sangmelima which has led to the death one and loss of property.

The incident, the party noted “is a reflection of the increasing number of tragedies that are occuring throughout the country”. Violence the CPP’s statement added is unacceptable from any point of view.

“Cameroon does not need a new source of tension. All of us as Cameroonians must ensure that calm returns and that fundamental issues are properly addressed,” the statement by the CPP Scribe, Frank Essi said.

Lack of education, social and economic integration and unemployment the party of Edith Kah Walla explained are the root causes of such actions. ASSAM Belinga, the individual that that lost his life the CPP says deserves justice.

Speeches of “Manipulation by the false elites… use these masses as electoral livestock, we are indeed in a worrying situation” it went on.

All this happenings it ended are signs of an urgent need to rebuild the foundations on which the country operates.
“The time is no longer that of an outdated president. It is the time of the people and of taking charge of their problems in depth” the party added.

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