Defense team for Ayuk Tabe & Co to stage protest at Kondengui Monday

Last Friday some lawyers defending Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and other Southern Cameroons detainees staged a protest.

Their aim was to pressurise penitentiary authorities to allow them access to the detainees.

With the same concern in mind, the lawyers’ communication and media team led by Barrister Amungwa have called for another protest.

The lawyers , he says should assemble for a “pacific protest in front of the Principal Prison Kondengui Yaounde.”

“Monday’s action shall be a followup of last Friday’s peaceful protest staged by a fraction of the defense team” he states.

Barrister Amungwa adds that “the lead counsel instructs all of us to treat this invitation with utmost importance.”

Ayuk Tabe and co. had their first appeal hearing days back but the hearing was adjourned to August after a brief hearing.

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