Demise of Prophet Ndifor Franklin Afanwi: Christians on a spiritual retreat for answers

One week after the death and burial of Prophet Ndifor Franklin Afanwi, Christians of his Kingship International Ministry are not convinced he died of coronavirus.

The church has not considered a legal battle against those who declared the man of God died of COVID-19 but have taken the path of Christ to seek a lasting answer.

One of the spiritual elders in the church in a telephone interview told Mimi Mefo Info “we are presently in a spiritual retreat. We are praying and asking God to give us answers for two things. First what caused the death of our Prophet and secondly spiritual guidance on how to continue the church with the aim of winning more souls to Christ as prophet taught us”.

The Church headquarters in Bonaberi Douala 4 has so far refused to issue any official statement. They have promised to talk after the retreat.

The sudden death of the 2018 Presidential election candidate have raised several controversial issues.

The body was buried same day May 16th 2020 at KOTTO BASS cemetery in Bonaberi on grounds that he died of coronavirus. Commentators are questioning why family members and Christians who were around the prophet throughout his few days of sickness have not been quarantined or even tested of COVID-19.

Some Christians not speaking in the name of the church think the Prophet was poisoned in Yaounde by people in the government.

Different versions that the church authority says will be answered after their retreat.

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