Discover ‘Chi Style’ automobile Toy Factory

Automobiles of various designs displayed at a veranda of a studio flat at Nkoulouloun neighborhood in Douala,economic capital of Cameroon.

From a toy car,truck,front loader,double caterpillar,bulldozer,stamper,machine gun and plane, the creative products remain a centre of attraction for the public.

Seventeen years old Awa Blaise Chi is the brain behind the products. “I use local discarded materials like cartoon,plywood,raffia palm,cables,battery and plastic papers to produce all these”.
He states with humility and a sense of satisfaction.

With a separate remote control key board with cables connected to each of the automobile or aeronautic machine, Awa Blaise Chi explains how it operates. “I use an external control key board to move the machines. This is because what I produce are small in sizes.This means, a human being can not really enter there to drive reason why the driving and other manipulations is done from outside”.

With no formal training to produce the toy equipments, the today internally displaced student from the North West of Cameroon says he needs to perfect his talent.
“It all started as a mere curiosity of a child in the village.” Awa Derick, elder brother to Awa Blaise Chi explains.

“…he started when he was in class three producing things like cars with the use of papers and taking them to school as his own manual labor’s he persisted by producing more sophisticated and moveable things, we decided to encourage him”.

With his toy company named‘Chi Style’, the born talented producer of toy automobiles attests that his works have so far been to exploit his creative brain in producing things using cartoons and other local materials.

Awa Blaise Chi nicknamed in his neighborhood as ‘Big engineer’ nurses plans of a brighter future in the field manufacturing.
“I look forward completing my secondary and high school and studying engineering at the university level to perfect my skills”.
The native of Pinyin village,Santa Sub Division of the North West Region of Cameroon has not seen the four walls of a classroom since 2016 when the Anglophone Crisis started.

Awa Blaise Chi, was a form three student at Nancho Comprehensive Technical High School Bamenda.
Despite media and public attention of Awa Blaise Chi’s products, he explains that the Ministry of Scientific Innovation and Technological Development in Cameroon has not contacted him for any technical and financial support.

He however remains optimistic of a brighter future and support from the public.

How to contacts Awah Blaise Chi:(+237)651 113 728
+237 677 747 881
+237 680 075 074

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