Douala Container Terminal: Biya suspends process of transferring Management from French giant, Bollore

The process of finalising arrangements for the transfer of management of Douala container terminal has been suspended, a viral “confidential document” Thursday.

In a confidential document circulating on the social media and signed by the Secretary general at the presidency of the Republic, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh has called on the general manager to halt the process of transferring the management of the port from Societe APM Terminals BV and Bollore SA to a Swiss company called Terminal Investment Company.

In the release, Ferdinand Ngoh Ngoh said the order from the president of the Republic suspending the procedure is to wait for the verdict from Douala administrative court between Douala Autonomous Sea port and Bollore SA.

Following the decision, Bollore SA will therefore continue the management of the Container terminal in Douala pending the verdict .

Earlier arrangements of transfer management, Terminal Investment Limited was to take over activities at the container terminal from Bollore from the 1st of January 2020.

The decision has raised questions of the hidden hand of France in the process.

The release from the government of Cameroon comes when France minister of Europe and Foreign affairs is presently in Cameroon. Jean Yves Le Drain has been holding talks with authorities in Cameroon on how to strengthen business ties.

The Swiss company Terminal Investment Company has not reacted to the decision of the Cameroon government.

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