Douala: 10-year-old commits suicide by hanging

The population of Bepanda Tonnere at Douala V are yet to come to terms with what has been described as “a macabre discovery” on Thursday March 26th 2020.

Dilan Moffo was found dead while hanging onto a rope at his family house. According to the kid sister of the deceased- Fortune Mogou “my father tied up my brother in the house this morning to prevent him from moving around the quarter causing trouble. My father then assigned me to keep an eye on him. I went out to fetch water and upon return i found him hanging. I tried to remove him to no avail so I called neighbours”.

Other members of the family say Dilan Moffo, a form one student of INTAG College in Douala is a recalcitrant fellow in the house, school and quarter.

“He has gotten worst since government shut down schools to curb coronavirus. He steals, beats children and causes trouble at any point” an aunt to the boy stated.

It is suspected that the boy took his own life following punishment meted on him by the father. Security forces have launched investigations to unravel the cause of the death.

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