Equinoxe General Manager replies minister Atanga Nji over propaganda accusations

The General Manager of Equinoxe TV, Séverin Tchounkeu has said Equinoxe and its team are professional and will remain committed to their profession.

“Relaying a report from an international organisation does not make you a partisan, the role of the media is to set the record straight and give the platform to everyone, which is something Equinoxe TV has never failed to do,” Séverin Tchounkeu said on Equinoxe TV after today’s outing of Minister Atanga Nji.

Minister Atanga today accused the media house and others, alongside local and international organisations of destabilising Cameroon.

“I wonder what is government’s definition of patriotism, but we will keep relaying the facts in strict respect of the ethics and deontology of the profession,” Tchounkeu said.

Many have questioned the role of the National Communication Council, NCC, stating that it should be the body checking on media organs and not the minister.

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