Fako High Court Throws Out Journalist Wazizi’s Case

The President of Fako High Court, Mbonge Wilson has dismissed the Habeas Corpus filed by the defense team of detained Journalists Samuel Wazizi of CMTV led by Senior Barrister Nkea Emmanuel, Barrister Ewule Edward.

The decision made by the President of Buea High Court has been described by the defense team as bias, unfair and a sign of lack of justice.

SAMUEL WAZIZI alias HalaYaMata was arrested in connection with the ongoing anglophone crisis and was taken to the Muea police where he was later transferred to an unknown detention facility where he has been held incommunicado.

The Habeas Corpus was filed by the defense team for the state to bring their client to court and show prove that their client is alive.

For it is their client’s constitutional right to be given access to justice.
During the Habeas Corpus ruling Tuesday November 5, 2019, Journalists of the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union South West Chapter led by their president Jato Derick were in court and after to check on their colleague but did not see him.

Journalists storm Buea court in solidarity with Wazizi

It is feared that Wazizi may have been killed if not why will a Habeas Corpus filed by defense team be dismissed on grounds that the defense counsel did not provide identification document of their client who is being held incommunicado.

“How will the president of the court say that the defense team is acting on “hear Say” or rumors that their client was at the 21st motorised infantry brigade when the same lawyers were told by some officials when Wazizi was allegedly transferred there that lawyers should go and wait for their client in court?,” Tahnewsnetwork questions a write up.

Many are also asking if Wazizi Samuel is truly alive? “From Muea police station chief town of Buea South West Region to the Central police is 15 minutes maximum how come from August 2nd to November Samuel Wazizi is yet to arrive at central police?,” Tah Jarvis, a journalist in Buea says. Wazizi it should be recalled has never been to court or seen by his lawyers and family.

He was arrested on August 2, 2019 in connection “to the Anglophone armed conflict in Cameroon’s English-Speaking regions” He was picked up by the Muea police who later on handed him over to the military, which since has held him without access to his lawyer or family for months.

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