Family wants proof of life for brother arrested, held incommunicado for close to a year

Ogbelle Raphael Undakange from Manyu Division was arrested in Mamfe in the South West region by the forces of law and order.

Close to a year later, Ogbelle Raphael Undakange who is a teacher is yet to be found.

“Searches have been made in all the prisons In Mamfe, Buea and Yaounde to no avail …We were directed to search in Buea but he’s no where to be found in any of the prisons” says his family.

At this level, they say “we will like to know the whereabout of Our Brother, whether he’s alive or dead.”

Ogbelle Raphael Undakange is one of several Anglophones that has fallen victim to the ongoing crisis in the North West and South West regions. With many missing, some have often turned up dead and others missing indefinitely.

A case in point is Samuel Wazizi, a Buea-based journalist who died in custody. Government only revealed he had passed away after immense pressure. Till date his corpse is no where to be found.

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