February Elections: Minister Jean De Dieu Laments Over Party’s Disgraceful Performance

Minister Momo Jean De Dieu has lamented over the results of Sunday’s elections.

In the Mfoundi division his PADDEC party scored a disgraceful 1% in Mfoundi and 4% in Wouri East

“Birds hide to die. Where am I going to hide?” He asks.

“What electoral disillusionment! What a public humiliation! What a loss! Out of almost 66 million, I don’t even get ten million! 1% in the Mfoundi? Barely 4% in Wouri-East! Where am I going to hide? I took my dose…” he lamented.

The PADDEC leader and lawyer was appointed at the ministry of justice after declaring his support for president Paul Biya whom he has since defended in several outings.


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