Former Amba “General”, Nambere escapes lynching by Anglophone detainees after visiting Kondengui prison

It came to many as a surprise weeks back when “General Nambere” an Ambazonian leader fighting in the ongoing restoration war switched to a pro-government stance.

He noted that it was no use fighting for independence because they will never get. His declaration was received with mixed feelings.

Reports hold that he was beaten up by some Anglophone detainees as he paid a visit to the Kondengui prison in Yaounde today.

Accusing him of betraying the struggle, the prisoners of the war in the Anglophone regions, sources say, ganged up on him.

The former “General”, MMI gathers, however, managed to escape with serious injuries, thanks to the intervention of prison officials.

While it remains uncertain who Nambere visited at the facility, the hostility he met with today comes after he has been at the center of criticism from the Anglophone community both home and abroad.

“That guy is a joke and is playing with death. Life loves him but next time he will be history,” a reaction on social media following the incident reads.

To another, his visit was a sign of betrayal and he deserves what he got. “He is not even ashamed to visit people he claimed he was fighting to free them from La Republique prisons,” she writes.

After dropping his arms, Nambere was part of the delegation that brought home some refugees that had escaped the war and were living in neighboring Nigeria.

Following his return, he has, in turn, become a very vocal critic of his former alliance, those campaigning for Ambazonian independence.

Many have however continued to question why he has not been taken to the Center for Disarmament, Demobilization, and Reintegration as has been the case with other ex-fighters that decide to lay down their arms.

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