Former UNDP Youth Leader Says Soldiers Are Targeting Anglophones, Not Amba Boys

Elvis Ndansi, Obama Scholar has from his New York based fired a missive at the octogenarian regime of 87-year-old Paul Biya.

The former National President of the Youth Wing of the UNDP party of Minister Bello Bouba Maigari wrote:

“For those who still think that the military is after the Amba boys, I think there is more truth to be told. They are not totally fighting the Amba boys! They are partly out to destroy anglophones completely and weaken them in such a way that they will take more than three decades to stabilize and rebuild their villages, towns and cities! And will never rise again against their assimilation plan.

“Proof of it: why do you think they target and burn palaces? – to destroy the base and root of who we are – our culture! That is what keep us strong and bonded.

“Why do you think the burn down villages and homes ? Even when they know the Amba boys are in the bushes, they go ahead and burn homes of innocent people. It’s to disperse us and render us wondering so that unity will be destroyed, families will be separated and many will migrate to their land. When you separate families you destroy society.

“Why do you think the take out innocent people men and women from their homes and shoot them at close range even in front of their children? It is to instill fear and terror so that no one should ever dream of rising against them.

“They are not fighting Amba boys! See what they just did in Bali in the 18th of January 2020. They burnt down homes in the heart of the town with cars of innocent people while the Amba boys are in the forest and they know where they are and non of those homes belong to any of the relatives of the so call Amba boys. That is part of the plan:- to destroy the anglophones completely.

“Now see the outcome that makes them think they are succeeding: we have all migrated to their land for refuge. We now see some cultural associations like Oku cultural and development association building huge cultural assembly halls in Yaounde the wimbum cultural and development association raising funds to build in Douala and importing their jujus and fons to you come celebrate cultural events in Yaounde that would have been celebrated in their villages. Celebrating and building cultural halls while their homes and villages are no more existing.

“I cry because I see the plan being implemented every day while our brothers and sisters who call themselves elites are there in Yaounde sympathizing with the regime thinking they are fighting Amba boys! They have all bought lands and build homes there and to them, all is well. If you look up to them, then soon we shall have no villages, and place we can call home-: the land of our birth! That place like no other which we call home! That place where even when our time on earth is over, we return to for our soul to Rest In Peace. That is the place they are burning down every day infront of us and we celebrate and say they are fighting Amba boys.

“They are not fighting Amba boys! They are destroying anglophones so that they should never rise up again.

Root cause = lasting solution

Elvis Ndansi

Obama Scholar, New York

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