Four killed in Mangu village raid in Donga Mantung

Eric Nfor, son of the late Sub Chief of Mangu village jn Ndu and three others lost their lives yesterday.This residents say was in a raid yesterday by military. “They stormed the village at about 8PM ( on Sunday) and started shooting, scaring the entire quarter which sought refuge in the bushes till this morning” a source states, adding that “after making the killings, they also looted houses and had some old people severely beaten”.The recent raid comes as one of several others in the Donga Mantung division and beyond by members of the Cameroon armed forces in their battle against Ambazonian fighters.Being one of the most peaceful areas in the North West region, inhabitants of the Donga Mantung division have complained of the treatment they get from Ambazonia fighters in the Built division, saying they are blamed for letting schools operate in their area.

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