GBHS Bonaberi, a laboratory for corruption, extortion of Anglophones

As school resumption in Cameroon’s troubled North West and South West Regions remains uncertain, many are those fleeing to seek education in safer regions.

With the influx of Anglophone internally displaced persons seeking education in major cities like Douala and Yaounde, many principals are not sparing the opportunity to line their pockets though corrupt and extortionist means.
The case of Government Bilingual High School Bonaberi is a perfect example of a corrupt institution. Many parents we talked to say the moment the school authorities know you’re an Anglophone, they peg the bribe money at FCFA 100,000 minimum.

“There is a high level of corruption going on in GBHS Bonaberi, Douala in the Littoral Region. I went there this morning to admit my two children into first cycle and the vice principal was demanding FCFA 100,000 before they can be admitted. This is not part of the school fee. The school fee is FCFA 7,500 for all government schools,” a parent in Douala told Mimi Mefo info in tears.

Another victim of the corruption racket that violates the high directives of the Minister of Secondary Education, Nalova Lyonga tells Mimi Mefo info that: “The administration is extorting money from IDPs. They are taking advantage of the anglophones crisis. This is contrary to the communiqué of the Minister of Secondary education warning against bribing and corruption in school. My children have been denied admission because I cannot pay the bribe.”

School authorities are yet to react.

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