Government says US cutting AGOA Trade Ties With Cameroon is not objective

Communication Minister, Rene Emmanuel Sadi has said America’s decision to cut off Cameroon from the Africa Growth and Opportunities Act, AGOA is not objective.

Talking to Voice of America Daybreak Africa, Minister Sadi said the state is still looking into the decision and will react in due time.

However he said, “there are things said there which may not correspond to the reality because we think Cameroon is one of the countries in Africa which has done a lot in terms of democracy, and promoting liberties”.

“Have they seen all the atrocities committed by these separatists? Are they blind not to see what atrocities these guys are committing? Our forces are there to protect our citizens, preserve the integrity of the country and they are there because it is a duty for the state to be present and to secure the population and the state,” he added.

Regarding national dialogue, Minister Sadi said it was a huge success. “They discussed and came out with pertinent proposals and now we are waiting for the assessment of the Head of State and the eventual implementation of these proposals.”

The US said yesterday that she will blacklist Cameroon from the AGOA program as from January 1, 2020. President Trump told Congress the decision is because of human rights violations in the country.

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