Government To Beef Bamenda University Security

The University of Bamenda authorities say, will in the days ahead witness an increase in security. On Thursday November 7th 2019, an attempt was made to assassinate Dr. Mbifi Richard, lecturer and director of administrative affairs at the University of Bamenda.

The attempt came just about 24 hours after celebrations to mark President Paul Biya’s 37 years in power.

As the anglophone crisis drags on the rate of kidnaps for ransom has been on the rise as several lecturers, students and auxiliary staff of the university have been kidnapped and ransoms paid for their release. Others like Prof Mbufong Paul Kuban lecturer in the department of English and former administrative assistant, have also been assassinated by unidentified gun men in October 2018.

These and more are the reasons members of the UBa Chapter of the National Union of Teachers of Higher Education (NUTHE) of the University of Bamenda announced a strike action to decry what they term “unchecked crescendo of security threats and financial impoverishment”.

This Friday a strike action infront of the Vice Chancellor’s chancellery is called off thanks to the intervention of North West governor, Adolphe Lele Lafrique who chaired a closed door meeting with representatives of the Uba chapter of the national union of teachers of higher education.

The students too have had their share of the hardship. The transport fare from Bambili to the City Chemist round about in Bamenda has been increased from 500frs to 700 and at times 800frs cfa a student at the university says.

Drivers along the road say the numerous check points are to their advantage as security is assured, but they have to pay at least 1000frs at some of the control posts. They therefore have to increase the fare so they can take home some francs and take care of their families, they explain.

At the time of this report, Bambili is however experiencing relative calm.


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