Grand National Dialogue to hold from Sept. 30th- Oct 4th at the Yaounde Congress Hall Complex.

The Dialogue will centre on issues of Bilingualism, Cultural Diversity, Decentralisation, the educational and judicial system amongst others.

Four Hotels have been chosen to host participants amongst whom are representatives of armed groups and the diaspora, including parliamentarians, opinion leaders, traditional and religious authorities, etc.

Reacting to the recent update on the much awaited national dialogue, a renowned Cameroon politician says the very basis of it, is flawed.

Speaking to MMI on the basis of anonymity, he explained that, “if the ‘objective’ stated above is the goal of the anticipated National Dialogue, then it’s off to a wrong footing / rough start.”

“Does the regime really think that it is for the above-stated ‘objective’ and ‘themes’ that thousands of Anglophones have been killed, hundreds of villages burned, 40,000 refugees crossed into Nigeria, close to 700,000 IDPs, and close to 1.4 million at risk of famine?” He asked.

Pre dialogue consultations it should be noted are still ongoing, despite the refusal of some political parties and stakeholders in the ongoing armed conflict in the North West and South West regions to participate.

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