Has Nambere turned his back on Ambazonian independence struggle?

Ambazonian leaders have raised a red flag regarding pictures on social media, which suggest, its generals met with French and government authorities in Yaounde.

In the viral pictures, Nambere is purportedly seen on a discussion table with the alleged French officials and some allies of the President Paul Biya regime.

“Elie Smith, Nambere & Success Nkongho Should be Considered As Traitors. They have Made A Deputy French Ambassador To Cameroun in Yaounde. Please Southern Cameroonians should take note and consider them as blacklegs going forward,” Ashu Kingsley, a pro independence activists said in an outing Sunday November 10, 2019.

Nambere and Elie Smith have not reacted, but a government propaganda Facebook page, has announce that the “before now” Ambazonian strong man will be reacting in a live broadcast tonight.

Why should Nambere’s outing be announced by a pro-Biya platform?…remains the question.

MKPD, government propaganda platform on Facebook says Nambere will address the issue today

Who is Nambere?

Nambere is one of several Ambazonian activists fronting the restoration movement. Fondly called General Nambere, he is known for having disputes with several other activists especially regarding finances including IG IG President, Sako and Tapang Ivo.

In a video released on Facebook May 2019, he accused other activists of being worst than the Cameroon government. He said they were killing fighters on the ground for greed.

This was after he was supposedly arrested in Nigeria before being released. His supposed release sparked more controversy, as critics questioned how a man who is so much wanted by the Cameroon government for secessionist activities could be arrested and released.

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