Hon. Mbah Ndam Rubbishes Decentralization Code alias Special Status Bill

Honorable Joseph Mbah Ndam says the draft legislation on Special Status is similar to the decentralisation law which has been existing for close to two decades in Cameroon.

Speaking to DW Friday, he expressed doubts that the bill tabled by government will be able to grant autonomy to the English speaking North West and South West Regions hit by armed conflict for over three years.

The Vice President of the National Assembly said the SDF party will contest the bill and propose amendments. “We believe the Quebec style is ideal. We think federalism is the best option,” he said.

The special status is one of the major resolutions of the major national dialogue called by President Paul Biya of Cameroon to address the Anglophone crisis which has claimed over 3,000 lives according to the UN.

Sporadic attacks and outbreaks of violence have continue to force residents out of the restive regions.

Please click link below to listen to full interview on Deutsche Welle’s Africalink programme:

Africalink on Air – 13 December 2019 – https://p.dw.com/p/3UmHu?maca=en-Whatsapp-sharing

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