Hundreds Flee North West As February 9 Election Draws Near

Travel agencies in Bamenda are busy with many passengers a situation comparable only with the December festive season in Cameroon.This time around, people are practically running away from the unknown level of insecurity they say looms in the air.Ahead of municipal and legislative elections this Sunday,many people are taking refuge elsewhere. “I am travelling to Bafoussam with my three kids to permit separatist fighters battle with the military. I don’t want to be a victim of the so call stray bullet” a thirty six year old woman told a local reporter in Bamenda Wednesday February 5th while waiting to purchase her travel ticket.To another passenger, “staying in the town on the day of voting is a risk no one will like to take. The military can protect you on that day but what happens after when you are left alone with the separatists? So the best thing is to quit for now”.Some separatist groups have sent out messages calling for a complete lock down of the region from the 6th to the 12th of February. The intention is to boycott Sunday’s elections and the celebration of Youth Day on the 11th of February.The massive departure of people from the North West has raised questions if they are not confident of the protection of military men deployed in the North West and South West recently by the government.Mimi Mefo Info.

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