“I am not working to destabilise Cameroon” Fabrice Lena tells SED

For more than three hours today Tuesday March 24th 2020, the national communication secretary of the Popular Action Party (PAP) answered questions from military investigators at the State Secretariat for Defence (SED) in Yaounde.

Speaking to Mimi Mefo Info on phone Fabrice Lena says “I was questioned on the activities of Ayah International Foundation (AIF) and my pronouncements as a politician militating with the Popular Action Party (PAP). For instance, the investigators wanted to know why I resigned from the Ayah Foundation. A question I told them it’s activities were incompatible with my political aspirations plus the fact that as a member of Ayah Foundation I needed to travel frequently to donate gifts but because of the fact that I am a teacher, that was a major hindrance so I had to quit “.

Fabrice Lena also denied claims by investigators at SED that the Ayah International Foundation is working to destabilise Cameroon. To him, the foundation has as a focus to bring smiles in the faces of Cameroonians shattered by societal issues.

On questions of his political activities Mr. Lena says “I told them that I militate with the Popular Action Party and on no account have I nor my political party done something aimed at breaking down the country. I stated that a peaceful political transition in Cameroon for the interest of all Cameroonians is necessary .

After three hours of interrogation, Fabrice Lena came out of SED with is head high with words of appreciation for all Cameroonians.

“I want to thank lawyers who accompanied me to SED, militants of my party and the press for all the support” he said.

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