“I reaffirm my dedication to the the quest for Justice and peace” – Abdulkarim Ali

Muslim scholar, Abdul Karim has pledged to continue fighting injustice. In a statement released shortly after his visit to Bamenda, he thanked all well wishers for their prayers, commitment, support, persistence and interventions; inter alia.

“Throughout my abduction and illegal detention by the Government of Cameroun, I lost not hope for I knew you all were at work with God and the world to ensure my release” he stated. “Justice is costly but it is the most noble course to pursue. We must all together relentlessly ensure the minorities are served Justice” he went on.

To the scholar, “Southern Cameroons deserves Justice as much as the rest of the world”. It is in this same light he says that “I reaffirm my dedication to the the quest for Justice and peace especially for the people of Southern Cameroons. If you all went through all what you did to secure my release, it is because you believe in the principle of peace and my modest contribution to the peace process”.

Furthermore, he added ” I solicit your continual prayers, support and interventions for the thousands of Southern Cameroonians perishing in the jails and cells of Cameroun. Old women, women, men, girls and boys are living in precarious conditions in those horrific confinements”.

Abdul Karim, a critic of the Biya regime was picked up by the forces of law and order and taken to SED following a meeting he had at the Swiss embassy in Yaounde. He was later held for weeks in the detention centre before being released.

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