Mancho Bibixy Begins Back-To-School Crusade!

The initiator of the Coffin Revolution, Mancho Bibixy is advocating for children in the restive North West and South West regions to return to school come September 2019 and not later.

The online campaign comes after classes have been disrupted in the Anglophone regions for three years by pro-independence fighters who hold that school activities will effectively resume after the state of Ambazonia is formed.

As he raised concerns on the suffering of the people in the restive regions, Mancho Bibixy said Government and Separatists have shown interest towards back school and thus, kids should be allowed to return to their classrooms.

“The two warring parties support back to school, both la Republic and IG…even the ADF set up a school in Momo. Meaning they all agree that Education is good while political issues are fought for. What then are we waiting for? Let’s flood the schools with our kids. The protest was to improve what we had, not to destroy the little we had,” Mancho said.

Empty Classroom In Anglophone Cameroon

On the security of the children, the freedom fighter said it should not be a problem because social and other irregular academic activities are going on unperturbed. “We attend weddings, njangi, festivals. Kids in other trades like tailoring, mechanic, furniture, business, decorations, crafts…why only regular school…,” he pondered.

Arrested on January 19, 2017, Mancho Bibixy was on May 25, 2018, sentenced to 15 years imprison on anti-state charges by a military court in Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital.

He was tried along with two other journalists, Tsi Conrad and Thomas Awah Junior, who are still in jail.

Bibixy was accused of threatening Cameroon’s sovereignty, rebellion, conspiracy to terrorism, rebellion against the state, incitement of civil unrest, breach of the constitution, provoking civil war by inciting the people to take arms against each other, and propagation of false information.

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