Maurice Kamto Congratulates Cameroonians For Election Boycott

The leader of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement (CRM) party has presented a congratulatory message to the people of Cameroon for massively boycotting the February 9th municipal and legislative elections.

To professor Maurice Kamto in a statement Thursday February 13th 2020, by boycotting the polls, Cameroonians sent a clear message to president Paul Biya and his government of their incompetence in managing affairs of the country.”

The very low participation rate remains artificial if we take into account wild fraud and ballot stuffing orchestrated by the administration and ELECAM for the benefit of the CPDM party.” Maurice Kamto who describied the elections as a sham to democracy points that the CPDM party had acquired 34 MPs before polling day.

The 2018 presidential election candidate posits that by refusing to take part in the electoral process, Cameroonians have said no to plans of the regime to split the Republic of Cameroon.

To Kamto, organising elections when the war of independence was still on in the North West and South West is a clear indication of leadership failure.

Organising an inclusive dialogue to solve the anglophone crisis and amending Cameroon’s electoral code remains two key factors Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party wants for a change in Cameroon.

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