Mefou Akono Division:Natives say MRC 2nd Vice President, Tiriane Balbine Naoh is a ‘traitor’

The second vice president of Cameroon Renaissance Movement, MRC party says all attempts by top officials of the Cameroon People Democratic Movement, CPDM party in her native Mefou Akono division to lure her to resign from Professor Maurice Kamto’s party to join the ruling party have failed.
Because of this, she said, her natives have now termed her as a traitor who is conniving with a Maurice Kamto (a Bamileke) against the CPDM party.

To her, the MRC party is not based on tribal lines as propagated by detractors.
On the program “La Verite en Face” on Equinoxe television Sunday July 28 2019, Tiriane Balbine Naoh said the MRC party has its particularity of being the only political party in Cameroon with a comprehensive political program for Cameroonians.

She adds that professor Maurice Kamto remains the lone person that can safe Cameroon from what she described as “…the dictatorship of president Paul Biya for 37 years”.
The second vice president of the MRC party waved aside allegations that prof. Maurice Kamto is part of the problem in Cameroon having worked with President Paul Biya for several years.

To Tiriane Balbine Naoh, it is a false accusation stating that Kamto’s resignation from the government was a clear indication that he disagree with the manner of governance.

While acknowledging the huge responsibility of piloting the affairs of the political party following the incarceration of Maurice Kamto, the national president and the 1st vice president Mamadou Mota, the lady denied claims that decisions of the party are taken by an individual.
She stated that all important decisions are taken by the directorate of the party in strict respect of democracy and the rule of law.

On the recent mutiny at the Yaounde central prison, Tiriane Balbine Naoh blamed prison warders for fanning the tension by opening the gates into a quarter of the prisons where hardened criminals are lodged to combat inmates that staged protest on the 22nd of July.

To the woman, this led to the attack of some VIP prisoners and attempt by the boys to invade the female section of the prison. She says government’s high handedness in handling issues have been further demonstrated in the torture of Mamadou Mota first vice president of the party.

Cameroon Renaissance Movement Party is ready to go in for elections in Cameroon this year despite all criticisms against Elections Cameroon and the constitutional Council.
To the second vice president of CRM party insists that running for elections will further expose the dictatorship of the party in power that violates all democratic principles to rig and steal elections to remain in power.

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