“Members of SYNES Buea are victimized” – Prof. James Arrey Abangma

The dismissal of two lecturers at the University of Buea recently has not been taken in good faith by the national trade union of teachers of higher institutions (SYNES) Buea Chapter.

Professor Sango Martin Ndeh and Professor Alloysius Ngalim were expelled from the university, accused of attempting to disrupt resit examinination during the 2018/2019 school year.

According to Professor James Arrey Abangma, President of SYNES Buea Chapter, “We are convinced that members of SYNES at the university are victimized. Several lecturers were called to the disciplinary council of the university as concerns the said exam. They were served various sanctions but that of professors Sango and Ngalim are severe probably because they are members of SYNES”.

To the experienced trade unionist, the speed at which the process to dismiss the lecturers through a presidential decree took place has raised concern that a certain group of lecturers at the University of Buea are determined to cripple SYNES for their personal interest.

“We have set up a commission to examine the real cause of the dismissal of our colleagues. We have equally given a period of three months to the President of the Republic to grant the dismissed lecturers pardon and order for their reintegration,” Prof. James Arrey Abangma stated in a telephone interview with Mimi Mefo Info Monday, July 13, 2020.

The President of SYNES Buea chapter has stated that “…all avenues will be exploited, with going to court expected to be the last option”.
The SYNES national bureau has notified the Vice-Chancellor of the University of Buea and the Minister of Higher Education on moves taken to ensure the reintegration of lecturers dismissed.

To buttress his point on the supposed victimization of members of SYNES Buea, Prof. Abangma narrates how rumors went viral on the social media in the past that he was planning to escape to Nigeria and join the interim government of the Ambazonia.

“I later found out that the fake information was circulated by Success Nkongho.They do these things to paint us black in the face of the government for egoistic reasons”

Questioned what SYNES is doing to ensure that Bar. Agbor Felix Bala;former lecturer in the department of law dismissed recently is reintegrated, Prof James Arrey Abangma says Bar. Bala was not a member of SYNES and thus they cannot fight for him.

There have been rumors of an organized group of lecturers in UB determined to destabilize SYNES for personal interest.

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