Mexico: Three Cameroonian migrants dead, several wounded

The body of Emmanuel Cheo Ngu born on the 15th of November 1979 and two other Cameroonian migrants have been deposited in a mortuary in Mexico. The three died Friday October 11th 2019 as they attempted leaving the town of Tapachualla in Mexico into the United States of America.

Besides the three dead, several others have sustained severe injuries as they traveled through the rough terrain mostly by night to get to the USA. A little over forty Cameroonians are undertaking the hideous journey.

These Cameroonians and other migrants from different other African countries have spent months in Mexico trying to get into USA.

Mexican authorities have persistently denied to issue them regular documents to get to USA.They have protested on several occasions against the Mexican authorities.

Many of these migrants say they are escaping from dictatorial regimes and economic hardship in their countries.Thus, despite the difficult situation, most are not ready retreat.

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