Military invades Bali, shoots close to 10 dead

There is commotion in Bali Town, Mezam Division North West Region.

Soldiers invaded the village in their number during and after October 1st commemoration, the day Southern Cameroons independent state of Ambazonia was declared, by separatist leaders and fighters.

In Sang, a Bali neighbourhood, several persons, notably civilians are feared dead. “The people had escaped to the bush to seek refuge but returned yesterday, not knowing soldiers were still there,” a source told Mimi Mefo Info.

“The population of Bali nyonga since yesterday are under gradual extermination. Sang Will soon finish. The military doing what they know best,” said another source.

“Many of those killed in Sang, are from the Mbalang compound,” the source added.

Killed in Sang last night

This Saturday October 5, 2019 after the National Dialogue talks and incessant calls for peace, military again stormed Jam-Jam, Mbatmandet quarters.

Many Bali residents have escaped for safety.

Mimi Mefo Info could not confirm reports that Ambazonian fighters are amongst those killed in Bali.

“The fighters had a tactical withdrawal yesterday. The military profited from the withdrawal to massacre those civilians who had returned home, 9 civilians were killed, the number may increase” a source said.

Bali Nyonga has been hardest-hit by the Anglophone crisis

The Fon of Bali, HRH Fon Doh Ganyonga III said at the close of the national dialogue that, the people should be patient, as the Head of State has pledged to address the proposals tabled during discussions.

He also called on the Ambazonian fighters within and out of the village to drop the weapons.

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