Military Option Can’t Solve Anglophone Crisis – Ambassador Tibor Nagy

United States Assistant Secretary of State for African Affairs, Tibor Nagy has reiterated that the military option will not bring the Anglophone Crisis to an end. Talking at the Africa Relations Subcommittee Hearing, Tibor Nagy said the Major National Dialogue was more of a symbolic than a concrete initiative.

President Paul Biya, he added, is probably ill advised, hinting that “there are people telling him Mr. President you can win this militarily”.

President Biya (right) and Ambassador Nagy

“The truth is it’s not going to be won militarily … You can’t wipe out a thought militarily,” he said, citing the case of the US and other nations.

Every day, he added, more Cameroonians are getting radicalised due to government’s handling of the crisis making them think “declaring a separate country is the way to go”.

For the crisis to end, he advised that there has to be a true dialogue, one whose proof is in the implementation of results. The American diplomat is one of several others that has since maintained that the best way to solve the crisis is through dialogue.

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