Minor Dies, Another In Custody As Love Affair Turns Sour In Mbengwi

An 11-year-old boy is presently in the ‘custody’ of Ambazonia fighters in Nyen village, Mbengwi Central Subdivision in Momo Division of Cameroon’s North West Region.

The boy was taken to the camp on Wednesday, August 7, 2019 after confessing that he killed his three-year-old ‘girlfriend’, Mimi Mefo Info learnt. After pressure and intimidation by ambazonia fighters, the boy revealed that he lured the little girl to the forest in disguise to harvest pear. While there, he pierced her stomach with a machete, inflicted a big wound on her head and killed her on the spot.

Villagers seeing the boy returning with a bloody cutlass became curious and upon further questioning, the boy confessed having committed the act.
To the eleven year old boy, he had been exploiting the three-year-old baby Lydia Adu sexually for some months now. On why the baby did not report to her parents, he says he has threatened the girl never to report to anyone about their hidden sexual dealings.

On why he decided to kill the baby, the boy confessed that last week, the three-year-old baby after serious pains experience in the course of one of their sex exercise decided to report the issue to her parents. To the boy, killing her was the only way he could prevent the baby from exposing the scandal.
At the moment, the 11-year-old boy is still in the keeping of Ambazonia boys who practically oversee the activities of the village.

Inhabitants of Nyen village and Momo Division in general are yet to come to terms with such an incident with some suggesting that the boy may be possessed.

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