“Missing” President Biya appears in Etoudi

President Paul Biya “reappears”, says he had a Fruitful discussion with Mr Christophe Guilhou, French Ambassador to Cameroon this afternoon at the Unity Palace.

“Focus laid on our fight against the #coronavirus pandemic in Cameroon, France and the world,” says the “invisible President” whose whereabouts was on the lips of Cameroonians at home and abroad on his Facebook page.

His message was retweeted by the French Ambassador to Cameroon, who admitted meeting the Cameroon Head of State on Thursday.

Paul Biya has not addressed Cameroonians since COVID-19 hit the country early March, with many questioning whether he was still alive. Critics say only a live video of the Head of State will be convincing enough – not a picture.

Cameroon is now close 1000 with the number of coronavirus infected patients; the highest in West and Central Africa.

Maurice Kamto

In a release signed Wednesday, April 15th, Professor Maurice Kamto, President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement MRC asked Cameroon’s National Assembly to establish power vacancy at the presidency – citing the continous silence of President Paul Biya in the face of coronavirus pandemic is an issue.

He adds that as a Cameroonian, the law permits him to ask and know about the leadership in Cameroon.

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