National and International News Roundup – 08 August 2019

  • A baby raped and killed in Mbengwi
  • Where about of a detained Buea based journalist unknown.
  • Former General Manager of ART gets a room in Kondengui prison.
  • 63 year old man drowns to death in Douala.

1 It is over twenty four hours yet no one can say with certainty where Samuel Wazizi a pidgin new journalist is detained in Buea. Wazizi was taken out of Muea police station yesterday by the military to an unknown destination. His lawyer, Barrister Lyonga Edward Ewule has pointed that Wazizi is detained in a dreaded detention facility in Buea. No authority has confirmed that but over 24 hours of detention incommunicado has urged many to question the very existence of the journalist.

2 There are new developments on the killing of little Lydia Adu in Nyen village Momo Division in the North west. Other sources have revealed that a 24 year old drug addict calked Chick Khaleb killed the four year baby after raping her and forcing an 11 year old boy called Mbah Jr. to rape her too. The body of the baby was only discovered covered with palm fronts in the forest. Amba boys have taken the 11 year boy suspect for “questioning.”

3 The former Director of the Telecommunications Regulatory Agency dubbed ART Jean Louis Beh Mengue will spend a second night at the Kondengui prison in Yaounde. Jean Louis Beh Mengue was transferred to the Yaounde Maximum security Central Prison Kondnegui yesterday evening for pre trial detention. He was arrested on Monday, August 5, 2019 and placed in custody by investigators at the Special Criminal Court where he spent two nights. So far, nothing has been said about the questioning that took place earlier at the Special Criminal court.

4 63-year-Old man Tangoufou Maurice alias Grand Pa has drowned in a stream in Bepanda-Maturite at Douala V Municipality.
He was crossing a plank bridge linking Bapanda and Makepe Misoke in Douala V on Wednesday night, when it got broken while the man was crossing. He died and his corpse was retrieved Thursday afternoon.

5 The National Commission for the Promotion of Bilingualism and Multiculturalism is increasing strategies to fight against discrimination in Cameroon. The commission has dedicated two days to reflect on ways to scrap off the phenomenon from the Cameroonian society, but members maintain that a statement from President Biya is highly needed in order to fortify the fight against tribalism and discrimination in Cameroon. The two-day reflection began today in Yaounde.

6 Controversy over the reported court case filed by VIP Kondengui Prisoners against leaders of the July 22nd Prison Mutiny. Lawyers of the VIP prisoners are angry with French daily newspaper, La Mutation, for publishing the case file information. They wanted it secret and are demanding an apology from the newspaper, but the paper is not ready to present an apology.

7 The minister of Public Health has called on health workers in Cameroon to judiciously use neonatal and maternal reproductive health equipment acquired by the state. Minister Manaouda Malachie received equipment worth four billion francs cfa today in Douala. The equipment have been distributed to hospitals in four regions. Note that the number of women that die during child birth in Cameroon is on a steady rise with government determine to fight against that.

8 A total of forty four fake certificates have been identified by the national commission charge for the examination of certificates obtained by Cameronians abroad. Over one thousand five hundreds certificates have been examine with members of the commission saying the number of fake certificates is higher as compared to previous years.

9 Preparations have intensify ahead of the Muslim feast of Tabaski this Sunday. Otherwise known as the feast of sacrifice, Muslims celebrate by killing a ram. For this, prices of sheep are witnessing an increase in markets as the day of the celebration draws near.

10 There is a man hunt to get twenty two inmates that narrowly escaped from Maiganga prison in the Adamawa region last night. The inmates sneak out through a tiny hole in the prison. Detention conditions in prisons in Cameroon remain deplorable.

11 Tangwa Stephane Lendzemo ; chief of cabinet at the Southwest governor’s office begins the journey to his final resting place tomorrow Friday. The body shall be removed from the Buea mortuary and taken to Bamenda. He will be buried in Nkwen on Saturday the 10th of August. The administrator died in a motor accident last Sunday in Buea.

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