National And International News Roundup – 11th June 2020

The US Embassy in Cameroon says it is alarmed by the fact that late journalist Wazizi’s lawyers have received anonymous and repeated threats for seeking justice for their client. In a letter addressed to Barrister Aleambong and Ewule, the US Ambassador to Cameroon Peter Henry Barlerin said he has asked the political affairs department of the Embassy to engage on the issue.

The administration of Nexttel mobile telephone company has rated grievances advanced by their workers today as invalid. The workers staged a peaceful protest today denouncing poor work conditions. Amongst other things, the workers are standing against abusive dismissal and working for years without work contracts.

Six men are under detention in Kekem in Haute-Nkam Division in the West Region of Cameroon. Witnesses say they were caught in a small room at quartier 4 practicing homosexuality. According to neighbours, the men constantly spend time in the room.

Some inhabitants of Bonaberi are calling on the government to construct good drainage systems to reduce floods. Many schools and houses were flooded with rain water this morning after last night’s rain in Douala.

Cameroonians will not be partaking in this year’s pilgrimage to Mecca due to the COVID-19 pandemic. Due to the decision, territorial administration Minister, Paul Atanga Nji has warned local leaders of Muslim faithfuls against receiving any financial contributions.

Southern Cameroons activist, Njoh Litumbe has been buried in his native Bokwango in the South West Region today. The outspoken activist passed away days back in Douala at the age of 93.

Cameroon’s positive COVID-19 cases are now beyond 9000. In a briefing, the ministry of health said 270 new cases of COVID 19 were registered today bringing the total number infected persons to 9199. The number of recoveries it adds stands at 4989 with 216 deaths.

Members of government have been called upon to intensify efforts in applying COVID-19 preventive measures in markets and other commercial areas. This was during a video conference today chaired by PM Dion Ngute

The Bamenda-Ndop stretch of the ring road in the North West Region that has been unaccessible since May 18th 2020 is now accessible. Reports say the road became passable today after tensions were eased in Ndop.
It follows the decision of the Mayor of Ndop to uplift the seals on shops in the town

The Anglophone crisis and Boko Haram insurgence in the Far North Region have been named the world’s most neglected displacement crises following the Norwegian Refugee Council’s latest classification. In its June 10, 2020 rating of the world’s most neglected displacement crises in 2019, the NRC enlisted Cameroon, DR Congo and Burkina Faso as the world’s three most neglected crisis countries respectively.

Lawyers defending the first National Vice President of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party Mamadou Mota and Co will grant a presss briefing in Yaounde Friday June 12th 2020. The press briefing to take place at Avenue du 27 Aôut 1940, will focus on their ongoing court case, as and the hearing billed for Monday June 15th 2020 at the Center Court of appeal.

The Nkambe Urban land use plan has been presented and handed to the project chairman of the committee who intend handed it to the Nkambe Council.
The Nkambe land use plan is a contract from the Ministry of housing and Urban Development (MINDU) with objective to resolve numerous issues affecting infrastructural development in the municipality or to assist Nkambe Council in planification process.

André Mama Fouda has officially taken over as new Board Chair of the Gynaecological Endoscopic Surgery and Human Reproductive Teaching Hospital (CHRACERH). During his time as Minister of public health, many called for him to step down. It was under his stewardship that the Monique Koumateke scandal at the Douala Laquintinie hospital was recorded.

The United States Holocaust Memorial Museum has published an extensive report on the risk of mass atrocities in Cameroon, with the main focus being on the Anglophone crisis. The museum in its report warns against a potential of mass atrocities being committed if the conflict is not resolved.

Insecurity is gaining steam in Manyu Division – South West of Cameroon as Ambazonia boys target local elective officials and family members. Yesterday, five men were butchered to death in Eshobi village by the boys. They accused the villagers of attending the funeral of the late Mayor of Mamfe last week.

Prof. Joseph Owona will take oath of office tomorrow Friday as a member of the constitutional council. This will be during the parliamentary congress that will bring together MPs and Senators. Prof. Joseph Owona, a constitutional law expert was appointed by President Paul Biya on April 15th.

The United Nations has called on the authorities in Libya to investigate reports of extrajudicial killings in territory controlled until recently by the renegade Gen Khalifa Haftar. The UN mission in Libya said it was very concerned by the discovery of at least eight mass graves, most of them in the city of Tarhouna. The mission said last week it had received numerous reports of looting and the destruction of private and public property in the region, which in some cases appeared to be acts of retribution.

Finance ministers in East Africa have been highlighting measures designed to cushion the blow from the economic impacts of coronavirus. The governments of Kenya, Uganda and Tanzania all outlined their spending and taxation plans in budget announcements co-ordinated to happen on the same day. Government spending for the three countries combined will amount to $52.6bn (£41.7bn).

To combat what the World Health Organization has called an “infodemic” around Covid-19, the BBC has launched a searchable library of fact-checks debunking popular myths and misinformation about coronavirus in Africa. The fact-checks are designed for mobile and made to be easily shareable on WhatsApp, Facebook and Twitter, the same platforms which have been awash with fake news about Covid-19.

In a damning court affidavit, the police in Lesotho say they have evidence that former Prime Minister Thomas Thabane and his current wife Maesaiah Thabane paid assassins to kill Mr Thabane’s estranged wife in 2017. Lipolelo Thabane was shot dead on the eve of Mr Thabane’s swearing in as prime minister. The police statement is one of the documents filed in the Maseru High Court which the police will be using to oppose Mrs Thabane’s bail application.

Nigerian prosecutors have decided not to press charges against a 15-year-old girl detained after killing a man who had attempted to rape her. Police said she stabbed the man, a friend of her father’s, in March when she had gone to his house to do chores. But state prosecutors in the commercial capital, Lagos, say there is no evidence to support a murder charge.

South Africa’s Constitutional Court has ruled that the current Electoral Act, which bars independent candidates from running for office, is unconstitutional. It’s a ruling that could change the face of South African politics. Until now only members of political parties were allowed to run for office. In future elections, the field will be open to individuals to stand for provincial and national positions.

(Foreign news: BBC)

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