National And International News Roundup – 16th June 2020

Anglophone Cameroonian Journalist Kingsley NJOKA has been charged with terrorism. Kingsley NJOKA who spent over 30 days in detention at the State Defence Secretariat was later moved to the Kondengui maximum security prison after being presented his charges.

The Cameroon People’s Party (CPP) says it has scored a big goal against Paul Atanga Nji of territorial administration. According to Frank Essi, Secretary General of the CPP, the administrative court of the Center region of Cameroon has ruled that Edith Kah Walla remains the President of the CPP party against the decision of a Minister ‘incapable of doing his work correctly’. Minister Paul Atanga Nji in a decision in 2018 suspended Kah Walla from position of CPP National President

Over 250 000 tablets of fake Chloroquine and Nivaquine sulphates have been intercepted in Douala. The items intercepted by elements of the mobile intervention unit of the police No 2 of the city of Douala are believed to have been smuggled into Cameroon from Nigeria through the North West Region. Chloroquine is still being used by other health personnel in treating COVID-19

The people of the South West Region have been told that the government and doctors gain nothing in killing her population, and public hospitals are not COVID-19 infected areas as rumoured. The call came from the South West regional health experts during a strategic anti COVID-19 meeting in Kumba. The meeting was aimed at identifying covid-19 cases, management and demystifying the pandemic in the region.

The Head of the costums unit in Fotokol, Far North Region of Cameroon has died in a road accident on the Ngaoundere-Bertoua highway, late Tuesday June 16th 2020.
Family sources say Mr Mohamadou Saliou Abouba, was en route to visit his family in Meiganga when the accident occurred. Apart from the custom officer, at least three other persons yet to be identified equally died. The cause of the accident is blamed on over speeding.

Human Rights Watch says the government of Cameroon preaches vitue and practices vice in its fight against COVID-19. Human Rights Watch’s Senior researcher for Central Africa Illaria Allegrozzy regrets that the government of Cameroon is calling for a united front against, and at the same time blocking anti COVID-19 initiative of opposition party leaders and figures.

The professional progress of magistrates in Cameroon is often frustrated by the failure to convene a meeting of the higher judicial council by the President of the Republic every year as stipulated by the law. The higher judicial council examines cases for the promotion of judges, transfer and sanctions. Members of the council and the Secretary General were appointed yesterday.

Cameroon is the 5th worst hit by coronavirus pandemic in the African continent. The country counts more than 10,150 cases recorded between March 6th and June 15th. Epidemiologists say the process of testing should intensify for early detection and treatment.

The body of an unidentified man has been deposited in the mortuary in Douala by forces of law and order. The corpse was found at a place called “Carrefour CASINO” at New bell quarter in Douala. The man, witnesses say was relaxing in a leisure place when he took his last breath.

Military men have dislodged an Ambazonia camp in Bali in the North West Region of Cameroon. According to the state television, several local and sophisticated guns, motorcycles, gun pounder, bullets and other identification documents were confiscated with at least 13 fighters killed.

Children are the most vulnerable group of people in the Anglophone regions as the war of independence persists. As the Day of the African Child is observed today, Bar. Tamfu Richard, human rights lawyer says government has not taken special measures to secure children in war torn areas.

The General Consul of the Republic of Cameroon in the United Arab Emirates has announced registration for another phase of Cameroonians who want to be repatriated back to the country. The consulate notes that interested applicants should get ready to repatriated at their own cost and should come along with identification documents including a photocopy of a valid passport or a traveling permit and a photocopy of a residence.

There is contradictory information regarding the death of a 21-year-old boy in Mutengene, South West Region of Cameroon. This comes after his family said his death was not as a result of heartbreak as many had said.

There is relative calm in Tombel – South West Region this evening after gunshots earlier today. The suspected reappearance of separatist fighters that had a shootout locals say, comes after a long time of inactivity in the locality.

The African Union (AU) has reiterated its call for debt cancellation and the implementation of a comprehensive relief package for African countries in response to Covid-19. In total, African countries owe $493.6bn (£391bn) according to the latest World Bank statistics. The bank said in April that Sub-Saharan Africa will this year suffer its first recession for 25 years as a consequence of the coronavirus outbreak.

Zambia’s President Edgar Lungu says he will not authorise the re-opening of bars and nightclubs despite mounting pressure. Zambia currently has a total of 1,382 positive coronavirus cases out of 45,248 tests conducted. A total of 1,142 people have recovered while 11 have died from the virus. Mr Lungu ordered the closure of bars and nightclubs two months ago in a bid to fend off rising cases of Covid-19.

Tanzanian President John Magufuli has vowed to allow “free and fair” elections as he seeks a second term in October’s general election. He told politicians to “avoid insults and violence” while campaigning as he announced the dissolution of parliament as required by the constitution. Supporters of Mr Magufuli have nicknamed him “bulldozer” praising him as a hands-on leader who has helped deal with endemic corruption in government

Human Rights Watch is calling for an investigation into the apparent summary executions and torture of fighters allied to the internationally recognised government in Tripoli. In its latest news release, the US-based rights watchdog says it has seen evidence in videos posted on social media of these alleged crimes committed by forces loyal to the rogue General Khalifa Haftar when they were engaged in battles in the capital, Tripoli, last month. His forces have since pulled back after more than a year of attempting to take over the capital.

An airline in Nigeria has apologised to the aviation minister for flying musician Naira Marley on Saturday from the commercial hub, Lagos, to the capital, Abuja, to perform in a concert The Executive Jet Company was suspended by the minister for facilitating what was classed as non-essential travel and was against the government’s recommendations to fight the spread of coronavirus. In an apology letter to the aviation minister, the airline’s CEO, Sam Iwuajoku, said the flight had been initially booked for a judge on Sunday who then made other travel arrangements.

Central banks in East Africa have been cutting interest rates to encourage businesses to borrow, but the strategy is not working. Companies are holding back from approaching a bank for a loan, amid concerns about the dramatic slowdown in economic activity across the region, caused by restrictions aimed at containing the Covid-19 pandemic. The banking sector in East Africa has seen demand for credit by the private sector fall since the onset of the health crisis.

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