National And International News Roundup – 2nd July, 2020

Reports say a bomb has exploded at the Damas neighborhood in Cameroon’s capital, Yaounde. It is reported to have happened around the rond point Damas area, a busy road junction. “The military is sealing off the area as we speak” says a source.  This comes after two similar incidents that led to a crackdown on mainly Anglophone residential areas of the town days back.

Ambazonia leader, Sisiku Ayuk Tabe and three others were taken out of the Kondengui Principal Prison early this evening. Mancho Bibixy, Tsi Conrad and Penn Terence, Ngome Richard and Bush Hunter were also taken out of the Central Prison at about the same time. Reports hint that government may be in the process of negotiation with them.

Residents of the South West region of Cameroon have lived in fear since Monday when a lockdown imposed by separatist fighters took effect. “We have been indoors for 4 days now and there are rumours that we are still going to stay at home tomorrow. It is really traumatising” one of the residents shares with Mimi Mefo Info.

The French Minister of foreign affairs, Yves Le Drian is disappointed that the government of Cameroon has failed to open an inquiry into the death of journalist Samuel Wazizi. In an interview on RFI, the the foreign boss said he is shocked that Paul Biya has not respected his promise. After an audience with President Paul Biya, the French Ambassador told the press in Yaounde that the President has promised an inquiry into his death.

Commercial motor bike riders and road users of Limbe III Sub Division blocked the major streets in the municipality this Thursday July 2nd 2020 in protest against the deplorable state of their roads. They say the bad roads have been worsened by contractors. The Divisional Officer for Limbe III Sub Division intervened and promised to channel their worries to the appropriate quarters.

Over a hundred families have been rendered homeless in a demolition exercise in Mbanga Bakoko, in the Douala III Sub Division. The demolition exercise initiated by the Douala III council, was supervised by Hector Nana Eto, 1st assistant Senior Divisional Officer for Wouri Division. The destruction comes after the visit of Minister Celestine Ketcha Coutes of Housing and Urban Development.

Douala IV Council officials have renewed warning calls to owners of houses constructed on drainage patterns. During a field inspection mission Thursday July 2nd, municipal and administrative officials of Douala noted that water passages have been blocked by poorly constructed houses, which have contributed to floods and inundation.

The national coordinator for the Presidential Plan for the Reconstruction and Development of the North West and South West regions has rounded up the session with all the six Divisions of the South West region. The South West region has been charecterised by gunshots since Monday when the team arrived.

The Ministry of secondary education has a new secretary general, Pr Fabien Nkot, appointed recently has been installed. He was installed by the Minister of secondary education, in a ceremony in Yaounde this Thursday July 2nd 2020.

The Douala city council has announced the reconstruction of roads in Douala 2, 3, 4 and 5 to the tune of over 200 millions francs cfa. This was mentioned by Dr. Jeremy Soleil, Deputy City Mayor. He says the project aims at connecting the quarters to main roads.

Combating insecurity and coronavirus pandemic are the two major challenges of the new DO of Bamenda II. Nicolas Nkongho Manchang was installed today by the SDO for Mezam. The former DO for Belo takes over service from Tanyi Akwo.

The practice of journalism is found wanting in Cameroon. To re-enforce quality journalism practice, the Cameroon Journalists Trade Union has put in place an ethics and deontology commission. Denis Nkwebo, President of the trade union made the announcement in Douala today.

“The government of Cameroon has confiscated the corpse of journalist Samuel Wazizi” reads a declaration by the Cameroon journalist trade union. The body says it has testimonies of torture meted on the journalist before his death on the 17th of August 2019. The trade union is calling on the government to release the corpse to the family for a befitting burial.

A Prado car was burnt to ashes at the Messasi neighbourhood in Yaounde today. Witnesses say a woman was in the car jumped out when the flames started. The cause of the flames has not been established.

Two days after the installation of the Divisional Officer for Bafut Sub Division, the community is still without an administrative head. The new DO Diobe Didacus Elumba left Bafut in a tight military escort same day for fear of insecurity. The installation was marked by gun shots from separatist fighters.

Private online news sites and newspapers in Cameroon are to benefit 240 million francs cfa as subvention for this year 2020 from the government . Over 100 files deposited at the ministry of communication are being examined. Following an April 2020 text, audio visual (radio and TV) media organs no longer benefit financial aid from the government.

Elected officials in Nigeria’s Lagos state have called on the state’s governor to look into renaming some of the city’s streets in order to remove the reminders of colonialism and slavery. During Wednesday’s debate on the issue in the state’s house of assembly, Noheem Adams reflected about the killing of African-American George Floyd, which has sparked a wave of Black Lives Matter protests around the world.

A ceremony has been held in Ivory Coast to pay tribute to 14 soldiers who were killed in a jihadist attack on a military camp earlier this month. President Alassane Ouattara and several government ministers attended the event alongside relatives of the soldiers, whose coffins were draped in the country’s orange, white and green flags.

Algeria says France is about to return the remains of 24 fighters who were killed resisting French colonial forces in the 19th Century. The skulls of at least some of them have been kept and displayed by a museum in Paris. The fighters included key figures in the resistance.

Kenya has scrapped a 20% tax on betting stakes and winnings, which led to closure of one of the biggest gambling companies in the country. The removal of the excise duty could see the return of the once vibrant sports betting industry in the country. The fiscal measure introduced last year attracted strong opposition from betting companies as taxed both the winnings and the amount staked by the person placing the bet.

The African Union is warning that the coronavirus pandemic is having a devastating effect on Africa’s tourism industry. It says more than $50bn (£40bn) in revenue was lost to the continent in just three months, and some airlines may not survive.

Botswana President Mokgweetsi Masisi has quarantined himself after an official working closely with him tested positive for Covid-19, a government statement says. Some other people in the president’s inner circle are also self-isolating, it adds.

Foreign news source: BBC

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