National and International News Roundup: 4 November 2019

A young man is currently receiving treatment at the Bamenda regional hospital after being shot on the leg earlier today along the Fishpond stretch of road in Bamenda North West Region of Cameroon. He was on a motor bike with his friend when they suddenly received bullets allegedly from soldiers who tagged them as Separatist fighters. His friend died on the spot while he was immediately ferried to the hospital by Doctors Without Borders

A teacher of German in Government High School Soa, Mrs Edith Wainamoh has been killed by a landslide that occurred in the early hours of today at the Ngoussou Neighbourhood of Yaoundé, Cameroon’s capital city. One side of the building constructed at a risk zone collapsed in the early hours of the morning following a heavy downpour. She and her daughter were reportedly preparing for school before the unfortunate incident. The incident comes six days after a similar landslide killed 43 persons in Bafoussam

There are fears of another landslide in Bafoussam in the West Region of Cameroon. Cracks in a portion of the road at “Boulevard Eveche” have frightened road users making them avoid  the road. They are calling on authorities to be proactive and intervene.

Several persons have been warned to vacate their current area in Koutaba, West Region of Cameroon following assessments that there were risks of an imminent destructive landslide. A larger portion of farmlands in the area have already been destroyed by a fast-developing landslide. The Mayor of Koutaba and experts from the Cameroon Red Cross recently visited the affected zones

In neighbouring Foumban still in the Noun Division of the West Region of Cameroon, victims of the 2016 and 2017 landslide are still to be resettled in safer zones several years after the unfortunate incident. They say the government is yet to identify a safe zone and authorise them to occupy, over two years after the natural disaster hit.

Some Inhabitants of Bonandale in Bonaberi Douala IV have been advised to vacate the neighbourhood temporarily for their safety. The warning came after a toxic chemical accidentally spilled in the neighbourhood destroying the ecosystem. The chemical described as ‘very toxic’ by the army rescue unit spilled out in the process of offloading one of its containers transported by a heavy-duty truck

A medical doctor is said to have been mercilessly beaten at the Efoulan district hospital in Yaoundé by an individual who accompanied a patient to the hospital. Witnesses say the medical doctor asked the man to leave the patient’s room so he can administer treatment, but the latter refused, provoking the unfortunate scene.  The Minister of Public Health in a tweet today, strongly condemned the action.

Transport Minister, Jean Ernest Ngalle Bibehe today met with leaders of inter-urban road transport companies. Among other things discussed were security measures, especially as the Christmas break is fast approaching and will warrant more travels from road users.

The Minister of Higher Education has signed a communiqué announcing the results of the entrance examination into the higher technical teachers training college (ENSET) of the University of Yaoundé 1 in Ebolowa for the 2019/2020 academic year.

Inhabitants of Bambili in the North West Region say they are facing difficulties in carrying their daily activities after the prohibiting of motorbikes from circulating.  The decision that has been in effect since Friday. It was taken by administrative authorities after an attack on the campus of the University of Bamenda. Two students were injured after a gun battle that ensued between the suspected Ambazonia fighters and the forces of law and order.

An investigation has been opened after some of the students at the Government Bilingual High School, Deido, Douala were arrested. The arrest was made after they were suspected of selling and consuming narcotics.

An uneasy calm now reigns at New Bell and Camp Yabassi neighbourhoods at Douala 2. This follows a 72-hour long violent confrontation between two groups of boys believed to be bandits. They used cutlasses, sticks, stones and other objects to attack each other and many innocent people. The main concern of authorities in the area is what measures they need to take to halt the violence. Governor Samuel Dieudonne Ivaha Diboa has promised to shut down some unauthorised drinking spots and re-enforce vigilante groups to stamp out insecurity.

There is massive mobilisation of both Christians and Muslims in Bamenda ahead of the arrival of Abdul Karim Ali in the town tomorrow Tuesday. Released from detention last week after over a month in detention, the Muslim scholar has been critical of the regime of president Paul Biya for the poor handling of the anglophone crisis.

It is thirty-seven years today since the first president of Cameroon delivered his resignation speech. Ahmadou Ahidjo on the 4th of November 1982 opted to resign after serving for 22 years as president of Cameroon. Handing over power to the then Prime Minister, Paul Biya, Late Ahmadou Ahidjo reassured Cameroonians of a better continuity, an assurance many today regret given a seemingly troubled Cameroon under the leadership of President Paul Biya.

Militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement political party say the Trump administration in the USA is right to say the government of president Paul Biya is a champion in the domain of human rights violations. They accuse the government of ordering military men to deny access to militants of the party to Ebolowa Last week.

The Social Democratic Front SDF will be holding her national executive committee meeting on the 9th of November. This is contained in a release signed by the Secretary general of the party.  This will be the first NEC meeting of the party after the recently concluded major national dialogue.

Ugandan police have fired tear gas at journalists in the capital, Kampala, in protests over alleged police abuse. Five people were arrested but later released. The demonstrations followed the arrest of several journalists at Makerere University last week, who were reporting on student protests over a 15% rise in tuition fees.

Nigeria’s land borders will remain closed to trade until at least 31 January 2020. The borders were closed two months ago to tackle smuggling – particularly of rice – but the move is having an impact on trade across the region. Nigeria’s immediate neighbours Benin, Niger, Chad and Cameroon – as well as Ghana and Togo – have all been hit by the policy.

Islamist militants in northern Mozambique attacked three vehicles last week, killing at least 23 people, according to local media reports. On Thursday the insurgents ambushed a bus with 13 people inside. The only survivor fled into the bush and ran to a village about 40km (25 miles) from the scene as the attackers set fire to the vehicle.

Photos on Twitter appear to show Uganda’s former leader of the opposition being struck by a high-pressure water canon fired by police. The Daily Mirror has reported that, Kizza Besigye, leader of the Forum for Democratic Change (FDC) was attending a press conference at Mandela National Stadium in Namboole, Wakiso District, when police smashed the windscreen of his car, dragged him out and arrested him.

Kenya’s population increased by about nine million in the last decade to 47.5 million, according to the 2019 census results released on Monday. This was Kenya’s sixth census since independence, and the first paperless count. The results published by the Kenya National Bureau of Statistics said the country has 24m females, 23.5m males and just over 1,500 intersex people.

East Africa can expect more heavy rain and flooding over the next week, the BBC Weather Service reports. The region has been severely affected by flooding over the past week, which has caused hundreds of deaths and displaced hundreds of thousands of people. The worst of the rains are expected to strike over the next 48 hours, hitting higher ground in Ethiopia and Somalia the hardest.

Kenya’s Chief Justice David Maraga has presented figures to show how the executive arm of government is trying to “cripple the judiciary” through budget cuts. He said judiciary’s operations had been severely impacted by the spending cuts, leading to suspension of court of appeal sessions in four major towns and stalling of mobile courts. The judiciary had requested $315m; £245m for the current financial year, which was reduced to $145m; £113m.

Cameroon coach Toni Conceicao has handed maiden call ups to three players for games against Cape Verde on 13 November and Rwanda four days later. For Cape Verde and Rwanda the games will count towards qualifying for the 2021 Africa Cup of Nations, while Cameroon have an automatic place in the finals as hosts.

(Foreign News Source: BBC Africa)

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