National and International News Roundup – September 11th 2019.

1 Christian Cardinal Tumi says anglophones should go to the announced dialogue with intellectual honesty because no one has the monopoly to seek the solution to the current crisis. Reacting in Douala this Wednesday, the Cardinal said he is happy because Paul Biya has announced the dialogue because people have always called for a national meeting to solve the worsening Anglophone crisis. To the cardinal, those who are still reticent should give dialogue a chance. The former archbishop of Douala Metropolitan diocese says Cameroonians should go to the dialogue table in good faith. The Cardinal is the main convener of the Anglophone General conference. 

2 Dr Nick Ngwanyam MD of St Louis University Institute says the announced dialogue by Paul Biya is the best opportunity for anglophones to make the best, though it is a half-baked cake. He thinks Anglophones can make the best out of it if they go intelligently into the process and avoid being emotional.

3 The Social Democratic Front (SDF) is to examine a message of dialogue delivered by president Paul Biya yesterday.  The First vice president of the party Hon. Joshua Oshi says the national executive committee (NEC) meeting will determine if the SDF will suspend her decision of boycotting activities at the national assembly, Senate and the councils to join the dialogue table.

4 Militants of the Cameroon People’s Democratic Movement (CPDM) have been applauding the dialogue announced by President Paul Biya to discuss peace in Cameroon. The deputy secretary-general of the party Gregoire Owona says Biya has used wisdom to call for dialogue that has been the demand of both the national and international community.

5 To Ako John Ako, the message of President Paul Biya was full of inconsistency and dishonesty. He says he cannot understand why the president questions who to dialogue with and went further to name actors to take part in a Dialogue. Mr Ako John thinks the message of the President of the Republic of Cameroon was influenced by the upcoming United Nations General Assembly.

6 The national coordinator of the Progressive Movement party has mentioned that a mere organisation of dialogue is not a solution by itself to resolve the crisis plaguing the English-Speaking Regions of Cameroon.  To Hon. Jean Jacques Ekindi, people need to be genuine in the process of dialogue. To him, failure to do so will mean the dialogue will fall short of expectations.

7 Separatist fighters in the Anglophone Regions and their leaders in the diaspora have considered the message of President Paul Biya as an insult. To them, they expected a release of leaders sentenced by the Yaoundé military tribunal, withdrawal of the military and a stop of bloodshed in the regions. Thus, they are announcing more aggressive moves to show discontent to the speech.

8 President Paul Biya has in a subtle manner maintains that he was chosen by Cameroonians during the 2018 presidential election. This has angered militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement party and their leader, Professor Maurice Kamto, that have been claiming victory. In his speech to the nation yesterday, the president failed to mention concretely what will become of hundreds of militants of the Cameroon Renaissance Movement detained in prisons across the country for exercising their constitutional right of a peaceful protest.

9 Nine members of the Bar Association in Cameroon have been selected to take part in a working group put in place by the Minister Delegate at the Ministry of Justice. Amongst the nine is the president of the bar council Charles Patie Tchakoute. While awaiting the outcome of the talks, the scheduled strike of lawyers remains in place for the 16th to the 20th of September.

10 Friday the 13th of September 2019 is the deadline for lawyers defending Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and others, to appeal a life in jail sentence handed down recently by the Yaoundé military court. It is worthy of note that the lawyers have already paid the sum of five million FCFA appeal fee demanded by the court.

11 A bus belonging to FINEX Voyage travel agency plummeted this Wednesday afternoon around Dibamba on the outskirts of Douala, leaving several passengers injured, though no death was recorded. The bus was heading to Yaoundé.

12 The Senior divisional officer for the Wouri Division has fixed new modalities for circulation in East Entryway into the city of Douala. In a release Wednesday, September 11, Mache Joseph N Betrand bans the circulation of tankers, lorries, heavy-duty trucks, trailers and related vehicles between 5 am and 10 am, and between 2 pm and 10 pm every day, till further notice.

13 The chief of army staff enters day two of a working visit in the Far North Region of Cameroon. General Rene Claude Meka is inspecting the Region to know the security situation. The Region was recently classified as one of the economically-risky zones in Cameroon.

14 The under 23 Lions of Cameroon have qualified for the 2019 African Cup of nations in that category to take place later this year in Egypt. They lost to Tunisia 1 -2 yesterday but qualify thanks to an away goal scored in Tunisia.

15 Nigeria’s government has confirmed that an estimated 313 of its citizens are on their way home. This comes after the country began repatriating more than 600 of its citizens from South Africa against the backdrop of deadly xenophobic attacks that have strained relations among African nations. A private Nigerian airline Air Peace volunteered to provide free flights from South Africa back to Nigeria’s commercial capital Lagos on Wednesday. A second flight is scheduled to depart from South Africa on Thursday or Friday with 640 Nigerians in total fleeing the deteriorating situation in the country.

16 Pope Francis is reported to have sent a message of best wishes and blessings to Kenyans and President Uhuru Kenyatta. “President Uhuru Kenyatta, I offer my cordial best wishes to you and the People of Kenya as I return to Rome after my Apostolic visit in Mozambique, Madagascar and Mauritius. Upon all of you, I invoke blessings of peace and wellbeing,” Pope Francis said. The message was presented as the pontiff flew over Kenya on his way back to Rome after his three-nation visit. The message was delivered by radio and recorded by Kenya’s Air Traffic Control (ATC). Pope Francis is the bishop of Rome and the leader of the Universal Catholic Church.

17 Reports from Reuters indicate that the Ivory Coast and Ghana met major chocolate makers and grinders in Abidjan today, Wednesday 11th, 2019 to plan the regulation of the industry’s efforts to source cocoa sustainably and multiply trade. The proposed plan comes after many years of futile attempts by the industry to self-monitor their sustainable sourcing practices and eradicate the blight of child labour and deforestation which has overshadowed the cocoa sector in West Africa.

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