National and International News Roundup – Wednesday 21st August 2019

1 His Eminence Christian Cardinal Tumi says schools cannot resume in the English-Speaking Regions of Cameroon when shooting is still ongoing. He has called on the government to get military men back to the barracks and Amba boys to lay down their arms. On the sentence of Ambazonia Interim leaders at the Yaoundé military court, the cardinal expressed regret and wonders where those sentenced will have 250 billion to pay as fines to the court.

2 A businessman has been shot dead this day in Bamenda in the North West Region of Cameroon. Residents say he was killed by men in military uniform as they battle against restoration force. An uneasy calm has returned in quarters like Rendezvous, Ngongham and Nkwen after a tensed afternoon. Some Amba boys chased away traders at the Bamenda food market forcing them to respect ghost town in solidarity with the Ambazonia leaders who were sentenced yesterday.

3 The government of Cameroon has acknowledged the verdict handed down yesterday to Ayuk Tabe Julius and other co accused by the Yaoundé military court. A message tweeted by the minister of Communication, Rene Emmanuel Sadi argued that the judiciary in Cameroon is independent and delivered the verdict without external influence. To the minister, the punishment (verdict) corresponds to the crimes committed by the Ambazonian interim leaders.

4 The Cameroon Renaissance Movement party has condemned the conviction of Sisiku Ayuk Tabe Julius and others. The party of Professor Maurice Kamto while describing the regime as illegitimate, says condemning the interim leaders to life imprisonment marks the beginning of a bleak future for Cameroon. The CRM party thinks despite being in prison, the Amba leaders are those the government needs to negotiate with for peace to reign In the Anglophone regions of Cameroon.

5 Hundreds of families are likely to be homeless in Douala following the demolition of houses in a government land at the Douala 2 municipality. Didier Bidja, the Divisional officer of Douala 2 explained that the inhabitants have on several occasions, been given notifications to quit the area, to no avail. He says the area will be used to construct a government primary school and other structures. Victims of the demolition exercise say the action will affect their kids’ ability to go to school as it is less than two weeks to school resumption.

6 Cartons of fake drugs worth over 15 million FCFA have been confiscated in Garoua Bulai in the East region of Cameroon. The custom service says trucks transporting the illegal drugs were tracked and intercepted at night. Garoua Bulai shares boundaries with the Central African Republic.

7 Nkou Jean Pascal has been appointed the general manager of electricity regulatory agency -ARSEL. He takes over control at a time when the electricity sector is facing enormous challenges. He will have to ensure the provision of electricity to enhance development.

8 Today marks thirty-three years following the Lake Nyos disaster in Menchum Division in the North West Region of Cameroon. Toxic gas emissions on the night of August 21st 1986 caused the death of close to 2000 people with over 3500 livestock. Survivors continue to complain that their fertile lands have been taking away by strangers.

9 As the Nigerian government’s cabinet ministers were sworn in on Wednesday one thing stood out: a glaring gender imbalance. Only seven women are part of the cabinet out of a total of 43 people. Four of those seven are in junior positions. Critics are calling out President Muhammadu Buhari for breaking a previous promise on female representation. In 2015 he promised at least 35% of appointments at federal level would be given to women.

10 Malawi’s President Peter Mutharika has vowed to deploy the military to all borders and airports to prevent any disruptions by demonstrators who are planning mass rallies across the country. Opposition and civil society groups have announced they will be holding massive protests that will include disruption of services at borders and airports from Monday 26 August 2019.

11 Zimbabwe’s former Vice-President Phelekezela Mphoko has appeared in court on corruption charges and has been granted bail. Mr Mphoko was a co-vice-president under Robert Mugabe.

12 Authorities in Liberia have re-arrested the son of former President Ellen Johnson Sirleaf, over allegations of unlawful printing of local currency worth millions of dollars. Last year $15.5bn Liberian dollars ($104m; £82m) of freshly minted currency disappeared from Liberia’s ports. (Source: BBC Africa)

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