National campaign to target measles, other diseases to kick off in Bamenda

A national campaign has been launched to target measles in kids between the ages of 0-11 months, 6-59 months and from 12-59 months.

The measles Rubella campaign is coupled with the introduction of the second dose of the measles Rubella vaccine.
The highly contagious infectious rubella disease with small rashes and fever as its symptoms, unlike measles is also a dangerous and contagious diseases especially during pregnancy and could cause malformation of the foetus and in some cases spontaneous abortions in women.

Because of the lack of treatment for measles and rubella, the most effective means to prevent the diseases health practitioners say is by vaccinating all kids, adolescents and young adults who are not yet protected.
As compared to other regions in Cameroon the rate of immunization in the North West region is very low, standing at 57%.

Set to run from December 4 to 8, in its 19 health districts on the North West, the campaign team shall target among other places travel agencies, churches and markets.

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