National Dialogue; The Army Wants To Be On The Table

Being professional, obedient to due institutions and committed to the preservation of national values and territorial integrity; the defense and security forces of Cameroon will have a lot to contribute on the dialogue table says Captain Frégate Cyrille Serge Atonfack of the communication unit of the ministry of defense in Yaoundé.

This comes as consultations between the prime minister head of government and deferent delegations ahead of the national dialogue have been intensified since September 11, 2019.

After receiving members of government originating from the North West and South west region, the prime minister opened consultations with with the SDF party. The SDF delegation led by the first National vice president, honourable Osih Johsua presented to the prime minister among others proposals, their wish not to see the see the military on the grand national dialogue table to resolve the worsening anglophone crisis.
The party believes the problem is political and requires only the participation of political actors.

The men in uniform on their part are not ready to dance to the SDF song. According to Captain Fregate Cyrille, the army from Soldiers, Gendarmerie and police forces have been on the field since the start of the crisis, along side the population, up the hills and down the valleys, hence will be part of the dialogue geared towards finding a lasting peace in Cameroon.

He says such important discussion that concerns the army directly can not be done without them as the army thinks it has a better mastery of the terrain and should be principal actors in the dialogue.

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